Lift pass and equipment rental prices winter 2017/2018

SarvesAlta uses Key cards that can be reused and used in other ski resorts. Children under 7, with helmets, ski for free but need Key cards. Key cards are personal and must not be used by anyone other than the one whose name is in the card. Breaking this rule will lead to confiscation of the card for a period of time. Replacement will not be granted for unpredictable shutdowns that are caused by weather, power outage or unpredicted incidents on the lift.

Families with more than 2 children pay kr. 100,- extra for a day pass and kr. 1.000,- extra for a season pass for each child.

Special offer: If you buy a season pass for alpin you may add kr. 1.200,- and get a season pass 2018 for the treetop climbing park