Alpine Resort

Closed for the season!

Due to the conditions we have to consider day by day if there will be anymore opening days this season. Short notes will be annonced on Facebook 🙂

Opening Hours:

Wednesday – friday 17:00-21:00
Saturday and Sunday 11:00-17:00

Buy passes online here:

SarvesAlta Alpine Resort is nestled in a beautiful setting overlooking the Alta Fjord and the valleys that surround the town. It’s a cozy and family-friendly winter park that’s great for everyone, whatever your age and fitness level.

Prices 2020/2021:

Ski Children 7-12 yrs Adult
Day Evening Day Evening
Complete Pack  kr    220,00  kr    180,00  kr    280,00  kr    220,00
Ski  kr    150,00  kr    110,00  kr    220,00  kr    180,00
Shoe  kr    120,00  kr    100,00  kr    150,00  kr    120,00
Poles  kr      70,00  kr      60,00  kr      90,00  kr      75,00
Helmet  kr           –  kr           –  kr    100,00  kr      60,00
Snowboard Children 7-12 yrs Adult
Day Evening Day Evening
Complete Pack  kr    250,00  kr    190,00  kr    320,00  kr    260,00
Shoe  kr    120,00  kr    100,00  kr    150,00  kr    120,00
Snowboard  kr    180,00  kr    150,00  kr    270,00  kr    200,00
Ungdom Voksen Student Senior
6-16 år 16 + 65+
Sesong kr 2500 kr 3000 kr 2500 kr 2500
Dag kr 300 kr 390 kr 300 kr 300
Kveld kr 250 kr 300 kr 250 kr 250
Helg fredag-søndag kr 600 kr 780 kr 600 kr 600
2 timer kr 220 kr 280 kr 220 kr 220
3 timer kr 250 kr 300 kr 250 kr 250
Familiekort 1v+1b 1v+2b 2v+1b 2v+2b
Dag kr 520 kr 750 kr 810 kr 1050
Kveld kr 420 kr 600 kr 640 kr 830
Sesong kr 5000 kr 7000 kr 7500 kr 8500
Specification of family:
When buying a family card, a family is considered adults and children from the same household.
With us, Trivselsledere with a TL card can bring a friend with us for free. Applies only to day / evening cards. The card must be picked up inside the café.

General guidelines for the use of lift tickets

The guidelines are divided into three appendices that cover all aspects of lift ticket sales. These attachments are designed so that our members can use the text directly on their websites and in connection with outlets, to ensure that the correct information is given to the guests / those who buy lift tickets.

The appendices cover the following topics:

1. General Terms and Conditions for the Purchase and Use of Lift Cards – Appendix1

The general terms and conditions should be easily accessible on the ski resort’s website – also in English, by notice at the point of sale and a simplified version on the lift pass itself:

The lift pass is personal and cannot be used by others. Lost cards are not replaced and the refund rules are stated in the general terms and conditions. Violation of the facility’s rules – including violation of the Alpine Weather Rules – may result in expulsion from the facility and revocation of the lift pass. Misuse of lift tickets can lead to expulsion, confiscation, surcharge and / or police reporting.

2. Right of withdrawal when purchasing a lift ticket – appendix2

It is important to note that the right of withdrawal is different depending on whether it is sold from a fixed point of sale or distance selling (online sales).

In the case of distance selling – for example when buying lift tickets over the Internet – the Act on the Duty to Provide Information and the Right of Withdrawal applies to distance selling and sale outside permanent business premises (Act of 20 June 2014 no. 27 – hereinafter the Right of Withdrawal Act). This means that the lift facilities – as well as other players who sell lift tickets on behalf of the various ski resorts – have a duty to inform about this. In addition, the right of withdrawal form must be available to the consumer.

In the case of sales from a fixed point of sale – for example in the case of sales from the ticket office in connection with the ski resort – the Right of Withdrawal Act does not apply. In that case, the general reimbursement rules apply. These are described below.

The appendix covers:

Introduction – distance selling

Practical consequences – suggestions for text3. Privacy Statement – Appendix3

Collection and storage of personal data – GDPR

To the extent that the ski resorts collect and store personal information – for example in connection with the sale of season tickets – the Act on the processing of personal information (Personal Data Act, Act of 15 June 2018 number 38) applies. This entails a number of obligations for the facilities and rights for the registered person. The privacy statement is filled in with the facility’s information and can be used above the guest.