Tours and Activities

We offer the following tour and activity options throughout the winter season. To reserve a tour please contact us.

Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding:
SarvesAlta Alpine Resort is nestled in a beautiful setting overlooking the Alta Fjord and the valleys that surround the town. It’s a cozy and family-friendly winter park that’s great for everyone, whatever your age or fitness level. We have slopes of all difficulties and a snow-park for those who want to challenge themselves with jumps and rails.


Speed down the hill in one of our snow-tubes! This adventure is perfect for families or people who want a taste of winter fun.

With several options to choose from this excursion can be for everyone. These tours are perfect for people who don’t ski but still want to experience the arctic outdoors. During these tours you have a personal introduction into the quiet surrounding nature and the life within the forest. All tours offer stunning views of Alta Fjord and the nearby mountains.

Snowshoe with guide:
During this trip a guide will take you on a trip through the nearby forest. As you make your way through the nordic pines the guide will tell stories about the surroundings, offer instruction about the activity, and during the breaks offer you a warm cup of hot chocolate.

Snowshoe with zipline
On this tour you’ll be taken on a walk through the nature and up a small mountain. Once you reach the lookout point you will sit around a fire with coffee and share stories before you speed down the speedy-zipline back to the starting point of the tour. The zipline is 207 meters long and reaches speeds of up to 60 km per hour.

This excursion relates to the daily life of Norwegians who use this for transportation and fun during the winter months! Use a traditional kick-sled to sled through the cozy winter roads that surround the cabins and lodge.

Fat Biking:
This new adventure has the possibility for tours taking place on either flat terrain or down the ski slopes.

The option of taking the lift to the top of the mountain and biking down the alpine slopes will show you spectacular views of the Alta fjord and the surrounding nature. This option requires a bit of experience but is of course an option for anyone who has the desire.

An exciting trail that winds through the forest is a perfect place to take your trip. On this track the overall terrain is flat and easy to manage, but can also offer challenges for those who choose to take it with speed. On the other hand, this trail is the perfect place for beginners to get a taste of fat biking through beautiful nature.

Polar Night Bonfire Trip:
Let us take you up to the top of the mountain where the view is indescribable and where the only company are the animals that call this land their home. We will collect you by snowmobile and head to the edge of the nearby mountain to let the stillness embrace us. We might see some animals nearby, and if the sky is clear above there is a wonderful chance that we will see the mystical Northern Lights come out and dance over our heads. We will start a bonfire outside our cozy cabin that we call “Bjørnehiet” and make our own gourmet food from pure ingredients in the most natural way we know: on the bonfire. Sitting around the bonfire on reindeer hides the guide will tell you mythical tales and stories about the northern lights as well as take pictures for you to bring back home. At the end of the trip we will sled down the mountain through freshly prepared slopes to end the night in the funniest way we know how.

The Perfect Ride:

Take a ride on the CAT machine and get up close and personal with how we prepare our ski slopes during the winter. This tour takes you on a scenic route up the ski tracks while sitting in a 9 person sled behind the prepping machine. The view at the top overlooks Alta fjord and Alta city center. Not only do you get to witness the making of freshly combed slopes, but you can also be the first one to ski or snowboard down the mountain for the perfect ride.